Saturday, February 9, 2013

A day of science

The Stellar University of Northshield gathered in Rockhaven on February 9, 2013 for a day of classes, classes, and more classes.

For Science 101: Life, the Universe, and the Microcosm, Karyn had to take the reigns, since Kudrun would never have had reason to present a brief history of western scientific thought from the Babylonians to the printing press. (Especially since Kudrun lives in the thirteenth century.)  So Karyn ran through early astronomy, Eratosthenes, Plato & Aristotle, the "fall of Rome", Isidore, the translation mania that led to the twelfth-century renaissance, the scholastics, and the turn from science to other activities (art, music, the black plague) in the fourteenth century. Since the printing press changed everything, I left off there. That's another class.

Kudrun taught the afternoon class, which was an overview of humoral theory, with stern admonitions for everyone to consult their physician and astrologer, who understand the complexities of the effects of the stars, the seasons, diet, clothing, music, and exercise on the body.

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