Sunday, October 10, 2010

Research Day

The Shire of Rokeclif enjoys occasional trips to the library for research. We met at Murphy Library at UW LaCrosse on Monday, October 4 for some persona research. The question was, "How do you choose a persona?" I provided a sheet of suggestions and some library reference service. Is this a class? Sure.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kudrun's Herball

Poor Kudrun. She has such ambitions to put together an herbal for northern climes, but she's befuddled by the enormity of the project. Kudrun shared her frustrations (and a good helping of information about pre-13th century herbals) with the folks at Novices, Neophytes and Knaves. This is a brand-new class, taught in persona.

Aristotle Joins the SCA

Novices, Neophytes and Knaves was an excellent introduction to the SCA intended for... well... novices. There were lots of classes, an excellent period feast, and a court-with-commentary. I revamped the presentation that I did in April 2009 into a PowerPoint presentation. (This is the class that uses Aristotle's Poetics to explore SCA persona development. )