Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Persona woes

The Muses are toying with me as I plan this class. This will be held at Northshield's big camping event, Warriors and Warlords. There's no library handy, no internet connection (no electricity) so I'm on my own to make persona development come alive. And since poor old Kudrun has decidedly different ideas of what "persona" means than the SCA has, it'll be Karyn who teaches this class, using Kudrun as "Exhibit A".
They don't call it the A&S 50 Challenge for nothing! 8-)


Merouda said...

Tell me about how you play persona. I'm interested in hearing.

Kudrun said...

Sometimes I'm Kudrun, living in 1279 with attitudes fresh from what I understand about the world -- that the sun revolves around it, that it is comprised of four elements, and that dragons are more likely to exist than elefants. When I go to WW this weekend, it will be the Boscobel Faire, complete with merchants from afar, opportunities to sing, and opportunities for chance meetings with other persons who have also come just for the Fair.

I will have a curious myopia about singing songs that won't be written for 200 years, and talking with persons who should be long dead, and those who haven't been born yet (like you, milady!)

Of course, I will slip frequently into an oddly-dressed 20th century person who drives a car and spends far too much time viewing her computer screen (which will be with me during my class because it's a tool Karyn uses!)

I hope we will meet under the A&S 50 banner on Artisans' Row.